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Orlando Auto Accident Attorney, DUI Attorney Orlando, Central Florida Family Law Attorney

Attorney Joseph Knape (Joe to his friends and colleagues) is a successful lawyer and solo practitioner. The 850 Call Joe Law Firm is known as Orlando’s Community Law Firm. If you or someone you know needs legal help, remember to dial 850-CALL-JOE. Attorney Joseph Knape is an Orlando auto accident attorney. He also is a DUI attorney in Orlando, and a Central Florida family law attorney.

Do You Know About Joe: Orlando’s Best Attorney

Attorney Joseph Knape is an experienced litigator, having defended clients in over 40 jury trials. Joe is originally from Michigan, and has made Central Florida his home. Often, when asked about why he takes on so many different cases, Joe politely replies, “This is my community, it’s just what I want to do. People need help you know?” This is just one of the reasons Joe is such a highly-rated and highly-respected attorney.

Attorney Joseph Knape: About Me

My mission is to treat every client’s problem as if it were my own. This helps me focus on achieving the best results possible for every client. My legal philosophy has always been to place a strong emphasis on research and preparation. I promise that you will find great satisfaction and a high quality product from our one-on-one working relationship. Contact Us for a consultation today.

Family Law Attorney Orlando

Attorney Joseph Knape is a family law attorney Orlando who will rigorously litigate your case. Since 2009, our firm has successfully helped thousands of great clients with their family law matters.  Family law matters in Central Florida can take place in a variety of settings.  The Courthouse is a primary setting for family law litigation.  Mediation can occur in private or at the Courthouse.  Administrative hearings can take place with child support involving Department of Revenue.  In situations of abuse neglect or abandonment Department of Children and Families acts as an administrative agency to facilitate legal proceedings involving family law issues.

Divorce Attorney Orlando

Newlywed couples are full of plans which can include: buying a house, having children, taking family vacations and growing old together. Marriage is their commitment to love and share a life together. Despite the presence of family or close friends who have experienced a divorce, every one of them will tell you that it never crossed their mind.

Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges in Orlando or anywhere in Central Florida? Joseph Knape, Esq., criminal defense lawyer Orlando, Florida has fought for thousands of clients over the past 10 years in Orlando. Joe understands what it takes to win cases and provide his clients with the best experience possible. If you need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Orlando, Joe is an aggressive defender of his clients and their constitutional rights. Joe is available for you immediately when you need him. You may reach him directly in your time of need.

Orlando Drug Possession Defense Attorney

Orlando drug crimes defense attorney Joe Knapeoffers payment plans, free consultations and accepts credit cards, while doing his best to represent people charged with drug offenses in the Orlando area. People charged with Drug crimes in Florida can face very severe punishment.

Possession of Cannabis also known more commonly as Marijuana under twenty (20) grams is a first degree misdemeanor in the State of Florida. A conviction for possession of marijuana under twenty (20) grams requires a 1 year mandatory driver’s license suspension.


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Louisville DUI Lawyers

Louisville DUI Lawyers

Call 24 Hour Cell Today 800-270-8184

Top Louisville DUI lawyers and attorneys serving driving under the influence serving cases throughout Louisville

Have you been arrested for Louisville DUI (driving under the influence) or any related offense in Louisville? At Wise Laws, we are here to offer you the experienced legal representation to challenge your charges.

Fighting Louisville DUI charges is not simple, particularly in the face of a failed or refused breath or blood test or failed field sobriety tests. However, an experienced Louisville DUI Lawyer can fully investigate all aspects of any testing that were performed in order to decide if procedure was violated at any point during the arrest. If a test was performed incorrectly or with a Breathalyzer machine that had not been calibrated as per state requirements, a local Wise Laws affiliated lawyer may be able to use this to have evidence suppressed or to otherwise positively impact your case outcome. This is just one Louisville aspect of the services that Wise Laws Louisville DUI attorney can provide to a driver who is facing Louisville DUI charges involving Louisville drunk driving. A Louisville Lawyer can also defend a client’s driving privileges by representing his or her interests at the Louisville DMV hearing or can challenge Louisville DUI charges in other ways, such as by contesting the validity of the initial police stop or the lawfulness of the Louisville defendant’s arrest.


Louisville DUI DMV Hearings

Louisville DMV only provides you with 10 calendar days to make a request for a hearing. Provided law enforcement confiscated your license and gave you a pink piece of paper that acts as a temporary license for 30 days, you almost always should take advantage of this right to an APS hearing. Call Wise Laws Louisville DUI lawyer at for a more help.


DUI Criminal Cases in Louisville

There is a great amount of effort that goes into the prosecution of Louisville Driving Under the Influence (DUI) cases. The maximum penalty for Louisville DUI offenses is the same throughout the country. The minimum penalties and likelihood of being able to resolve cases reasonably vary from state to state.


24 Hours 7 Days per week LOCAL Louisville Lawyer For DUI

Las Vegas Lawyers: DUI Cases Lawyers!

Las Vegas DUI Lawyers Call 24 Hour Cell Today 800-270-8184 Top Las Vegas DUI lawyers and attorneys serving driving under the influence serving cases throughout Las Vegas Have you been arrested for Las Vegas DUI (driving under the influence) or … Continue reading